How to calculate horsepower for your vehicle


What is horsepower?

There are numerous kilowatts to horsepower calculator online. You have to provide either the horsepower value for your car or kilowats. Typical screenshot of the information is shown here:


But how should a person define the term horsepower?

Try to ask an automobile lover and the majority of times you will get an empty look, a gesture of the shoulders and perhaps an estimation of something like “What one horse is capable of doing!”.

That reply inquire’s practical question: What kind of a horse? A race horse that can hold the little body weight of a jockey with a great deal of speed, or a doing work horse that is able to draw big cargo although slowly? Definitely there exists a a lot more accurate response. Car makers, regardless of their character to be creative when it comes to the horsepower ratings of the products for advertising causes, need to have a lot more balanced definition.

Horsepower is explained as a work that done in time. The precise description of a single horsepower is 33,000 lb.ft./minute. Simply put, if you decide to lift 33,000 pounds one foot over a length of 1 min, you will be working at the level of 1 horsepower. In this situation, you would have expended 1 horsepower-minute of your energy.

A lot more fascinating is just how the definition came into existence. It had been developed by James Watt, (1736-1819) who is acknowledged with creating the steam motor an industrial functionality and also the guy which name is immortalized because of the definition of Watt being a unit of power.

Watt was able to calculate that the horse pulled with a force of 180 pounds, even though just how he find the figure is not known. Watt noticed that the horse usually can make 144 trips over the circle in an 60 minutes, which is approx 2.4 per minute. This suggested that the horse moved with a speed of 180.96 feet per one minute. Watt decided to round off the speed to 181 feet per one minute and after which he multiplied that by the 180 pounds of power the horse pulled so he came up with 32,580 ft.-lbs./minute. Once again, the number was rounded off to 33,000 ft.-lbs./minute, and that is also the figure we use in modern times.

How can you determine the horsepower on your vehicle?

The first step is to determine the base power of your vehicle – figure out the base power of your vehicle, whether by using a dyno performed or by getting the engine horsepower numbers from the vehicle manufacturer (usually shown as crank horsepower).

Second step is to multiply the base Horsepower by the proper percentage – The vehicles with automatic transmissions are believed to reduce 20% of the real power coming from the engine and delivered to the wheels, at the same time manual transmissions is believed to lose 15%. To figure out the rear whp, you have to multiply the base horsepower by 0.80 in case you have a vehicle with automatic transmission and 0.85 for a vehicle with manual transmission.

Illustration: 250 hp x 0.80 = 200 rear whp.

The era of electric vehicles and kilowatts to horsepower calculation

Both of the units (kilowatts and horsepower, hp to kw, are the two most frequent units of measuring the vehicle power nowadays. Kilowatt is a unit that can be used primarily for many different scientific calculations as well as to show value of energy produced by any kind of motor or engine in the daily life. As we have mentioned before, horsepower is an older form of expressing the power which is usually used for vehicles across Europe just as a supplementary one. So, we occasionally might want to use hp to kw converted in order to have better insight on the amount of power produced by any sort of engine.

For instance, you are considering to buy a European car, but in catalogs the power of the vehicle engine is given just in kilowatts., That may be the right time to use the kW to hp convertor.

There are many kilowatts to horsepower calculator offered online, so it would be not hard for you to find it.