Convert 1000 kW to HP – Kilowatts in Horsepower Converting Calculator

When converted, 1000 kW in HP is equivalent to 1,360. This is a huge engine power similar to that of Formula One racers. Car engines with this amount of horsepower can keep its speed up to 270 miles per hour. That is equivalent to about 430 kilometers per hours.

Automotive engineering of vehicles along this line also features more than 1000 pound-feet of torque. This allows you to quickly increase the car’s acceleration combined with a turbocharged V8 engine.

The top speed currently recorded between vehicles with this kind of engines is 439 kilometers per hour.

There are also hybrid and electric cars under this category and they also have almost the same amount of horsepower. Given their build, speed, and engine capabilities – these cars are considered to be the world’s supercars.

Aside from converting 1000 kW to HP, here is also a list of vehicle models that use motor engines with nearly 1,000 kilowatts or 1,360 horsepower. Included in the list is the recorded top speed of the model which, technically, can be maintained by the car engine’s horsepower.

Manufacturer Car Model Top Speed
Aston-Martin 2011 One77 220 mph
Bugatti 2010 Veyron W16 Super Sport 258 mph
Bugatti 2012 Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport 255 mph
Bugatti 2005 Veyron 8.0 W16 252 mph
Ferrari 2013 LaFerrari 227 mph
Ferrari 2015 F12 TDF 6.3 211 mph
Ferrari 1996 F50 GT1 234 mph
Gumpert 2012 Apollo Enraged 4.2 Turbo 205 mph
Gumpert 2009 Apollo 4.2 Twin Turbo 224 mph
Hennessey 2010 Venom GT 260 mph
Koenigsegg 2014 One:1 273 mph
Koenigsegg 2012 Agera 5.0 273 mph
Koenigsegg 2011 Agera 5L 261 mph
Koenigsegg 2013 Agera S 5.0 Hundra 249 mph
Lamborghini 2013 Veneno 6.5 221 mph
Lamborghini 2013 Veneno Roadster 6.5 221 mph
Lamborghini 2014 Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce 217 mph
Mercedes 2013 SLS Electric Drive AMG 155 mph
Porsche 2009 9FF GT9R 256 mph
Porsche 2008 9FF GT9 255 mph
SSC 2008 Ultimate Aero TT 273 mph
SSC 2005 Aero SC 8T 249 mph
TVR 2000 Cerbera Speed 12 240 mph
TVR 1997 Speed 12 210 mph
W Motors 2013 Lykan HyperSport Twin Turbo 239 mph